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A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

An adage said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I strongly agree with this adage. I have photos that were taken from my camera shots that every single of my photo has its own story. I am not a professional photographer but it just for hobby beyond my daily activity as engineer. By pressing my camera shutter button, I can capture and freeze every single moment that is may only last for a second just . Here we go to look at some stories behind my photo.

This is not atmosphere of Iraq War, but an eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548.  The latest big eruption was happened in 2006, where there were some people died in a bunker and buildings around lava path flow under the mountain was destroyed in this natural disaster. At that moment I was so lucky to capture one of big smoke eruption, where an evacuation helicopter was flying through precisely at the eruption then I pressed my camera shutter button to freeze this fantastic moment. Javanese people call this big eruption smoke cloud as “Wedhus Gembel”. In normal condition, Mount Merapi absolutely offer you a great scenery and fresh air. You can enjoy the landscape from Kaliurang, north Jogjakarta about 20 km from the city.

This is picture of people life surrounding the flanks of Merapi. Most of of the people work as stock farmer where dairy cows suitable breeding in its environment. You can see from the photo above, in the morning a woman carry grass on her head, to collect in livestock.

In the morning, there are some elementary school student walk to their school not far from their home. I saw their happy face and I can feel their spirit to get some lesson to achieve a better future. Normally, when they graduate from senior high school, they will continue study to Jogjakarta city, where there are many universities, but there are also some of them who can afford for higher education. Consequently, they have to work to help their family out of poverty. You will see this condition not only in Merapi flank, but you will see the same circumstances in many remote areas in Indonesia.

As you can see in photo below, I took this photo in Wonogiri, Central Java, far away from Jogjakarta, it represent elementary student in remote area who do not have shoes to be worn. Once, I had become their extra lesson teacher when I involved in Community Development Participation. I asked question about their future plan, most of boys don’t have much expectations. They also do not have further plan to continue higher education, even to enroll senior high school!!

Finally, I hope Indonesia ministry of education read this message then take some proper actions to improve our national education quality. Now you can add more words and string up thousands sentences from that photo. 🙂

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